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We are an online media company which started back in 2009. We began our business by creating and managing a number of social media pages.  Since then we have grown our company’s social media holdings to over 35 million followers across multiple platforms and areas of focus as well as manage several websites including Faithreel and The Gospel Daily.  Throughout our history we’ve worked with countless entrepreneurs, businesses, and celebrities, helping them to craft their online presence, manage their accounts and promote their businesses.  Lately, we have noticed a need businesses have for professional consultants and we offer those services as well.  To inquire about any of our services please see the below contact information.



David is an engineer and the founder of Roads Media Network. He became fascinated with social media while it was in its early stages and soon his entrepreneurial spirit won out over his 9-5 job. He switched careers and began to build an incredibly large digital media network with dozens of accounts, over multiple platforms and acquiring tens of millions of followers. David knows social media like no one else! He has a huge heart for faith-based groups and entrepreneurs. He enjoys nothing more than helping them market and grow their business. There is nothing more satisfying to him than mentoring new entrepreneurs and watching them succeed. If you would like David’s assistance in achieving your success he is available for consultations and public speaking events. You can contact David directly at davidroads1@hotmail.com or by using the form below.



Tabitha has successfully worked as an entrepreneur in many different professions in fields as diverse as social work, and mental health, to business management and marketing. She is also an accomplished author and a highly sought-after public speaker. She is a fun loving, adventurous soul with a heart for God and people. She supports many charitable causes and is a ferocious advocate for the vulnerable and underprivileged. She is a Human Rights advocate and her writing often brings social issues that need attention to the forefront causing positive change. On any given day Tabitha’s writing’s are published to over 32 million of her loyal reader’s worldwide across numerous networks.

In 2015 Tabitha partnered her skills with David Roads and became the CEO and Sales and Marketing Director for Roads Media Network.  You can contact Tabitha directly at tabithakhaye@gmail.com or by using the form below.

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